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Lo! He riseth early in the morning, the DARK MAGICIAN, to pursueth the path toward sufficiency called the JOB. And, having arrived at the destination called the JOB, he walketh into the area common to all called the BREAK ROOM, wherein some merriment is sometime to be shared.

And Lo!—he prepareth to make the day’s brew of wakefulness called COFFEE. Eyes agleam with wickedness, he saith,

No sissy potion shall be made by mine hands!

Thus, with full knowledge, he createth an INFUSION like the impenetrable black of night, as dark as the MAGICK ARTS by which it was fashioned.

Thereupon the passage of time—Lo!—the INNOCENT COPY EDITOR arriveth at the JOB, full of good cheer at another day of chastising wayward verbs and inserting dashes willy-nilly. This innocent cometh upon the DARK INFUSION and asketh in delight,

Pray, tell! What be this?

And, being so innocent as to be foolish, the INNOCENT COPY EDITOR poureth a cup of the DARK INFUSION into her bunny flagon and then addeth the unsullied whiteness of cream to lighten the dark….

and addeth and addeth and addeth….  

for the darkness could not be lightened. It drew all manner of unsullied whiteness into itself and consumeth it and made it as to nothing. And so the DARK INFUSION remaineth as black as the MAGICK ARTS by which it was fashioned.

The INNOCENT COPY EDITOR, naïve of the evil ways of darkness, was eager to be about her task of chastising wayward verbs and inserting dashes willy-nilly.

And so she dranketh…

Now, Lo! and Lo! and Lo! once more, she danceth along the highways and byways without cease, stopping strange vehicles, lifting the cuff of her pant to show her ankle, and shamelessly begging:

Wilt thou read my novel FRANKENSTEIN’S  MONSTER? If thou pre-order it at Amazon, I shall be ever so grateful!

So shall she dance and flirt and beg until exhaustion overcometh her limbs and she droppeth somewhere on the highway or the byway. Though apparently senseless, she shall still be wakeful of eye and mind and purpose… 

And the INNOCENT COPY EDITOR shall twitch.

And the DARK MAGICIAN shall laugh.


2 Responses

  1. The Dark Magician must come to my house early in the morn tomorrow, I will need him!
    For lo!
    Rumor has it that a wee imp of four will be up before dawn flitting here and there in the costume of a terrible SHARK! Eeeeeek!

    Once the diabolical Creature of the Deep has had his fill of SUGAR (the Light Magician) I shall send him to your abode to terrorize you and your parrots!
    But no, I’d never survive the car ride . . . I can hear him now the wee one . . . “When are we going to get there? When are we going to get there? Are we there yet?”

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