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What, Dear Reader, could prompt such an emphatic headline?

Might it mean that I fell out of bed again? And again felt compelled to share my soul-searing embarrassment with Facebook, talk shows, and worse? I would do it, too, if even one other falling-out-of-bed survivor needed healing, closure, and a role model of hope. (Me!) That, and plug my gutsy, ghost-written book on the subject, titled Ouch!


Might this headline instead be one of the many brilliantly handled themes of the just-published Frankenstein’s Monster? What’s that? Ah! Apparently you, Dear Reader, are neither dear, nor a reader, at least not of the best sort of stuff. However, there is time to redeem yourself.


The distressing truth is that it’s been three weeks since my last blog post! You have undoubtedly been beside yourself with worry, so let me fill you in:

Most of you thoughtfully held my hand during my pre-pub panic. Well, okay, many of you. Some. My Aunt Ethelyn. Then pub date. Then forty-seven seconds of writerly ennui: Today is exactly the same as yesterday. Then a face-slapping, “You needed that” lurch into post-pub panic, which led to post-pub paralysis. Then, just when I was about to move on to post-post-pub publicity, my Internet died, taking my hopes, dreams, and landline with it.

And thus, my absence.

What I’d planned for your delight for November 1,  November 5, and November 14 were hysterical. Unfortunately they were so specific to the day that they would lose all meaning if used now. Which means it’s time for me to finish my game of Snood and start writing.




2 Responses

  1. Great teaser, and now . . .
    The Rabid Fans are waiting . . .

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