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Failed Test—Or Did I?

When last we met, Dear Reader, I talked about quantity over quality, with quantity (so the experts say) being preferred for blogs. My headline for that post was “Testing, testing…”

I failed the test. The problem with quantity is that there has to be a lot of it.

But in truth, Dear Reader, the headline had a second meaning known only to me: I was seeing if I could post from my Droid. If I could, it meant I’d never have to leave my special comfy chair ever again. My special comfy chair is positioned with a reading light to the right of me, my beading supplies to the left of me, and an ottoman before me. The TV is at an eye-squinting distance, but I have finally learned to accept that I live in an imperfect world.

Just as, if not more important, my special comfy chair is set in a corner that has a view of both hallways and the street outside. It also has a view of the window overlooking the back of the house. While I can see the deck door, I cannot see the deck itself, but the parrots can. They’re terrified of strangers and thus are a vigorously—nay, even frantically—loud rear guard. Finally, the fireplace is next to me so even the slightest noise from the chimney is audible.

I might be vulnerable to attack, but at least I’ll know when to start praying.

I passed the second test! I am able to post from the Droid!

Fetch me my slippers, my pipe, and my Häagen Dazs! I don’t ever have to leave my special comfy chair again!



6 Responses

  1. I’m a bit late to the comfy chair party . . . wondering if you are there right now . . . I am about to go to my comfy bed. Goodnight 🙂

  2. I love the image of your comfy chair!
    My comfy place has a lime green lounge chair, a fig tree on my left, woods to the back and right, and a high, thick odoratissimum hedge that nicely rounds out my small and secret green room. It’s lit by a small oval of warm sun in an otherwise shaded backyard, and each warm day finds me there paper and pen in hand. Surrounded by the sounds of tumbling squirrels, flitting birds, and one scavenging blue-tailed skink, I smile at their industry and forage a few wordy seeds of my own.

  3. I like that photo of you. 🙂

  4. The “quantity” thing poses a dilemma for me. My blogs never ever ever show up in search engines, thus why waste time writing the damned things? If I wrote more frequently, would they show up? Is it worth wasting still more time in order to find out? I’d rather be taking pictures. At least that’s inherently enjoyable. Writing blogs isn’t, necessarily.

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