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About Me

I’m the author of Frankenstein’s Monster, my debut adult novel, coming out this October. I’ve also written many picture books, including One Hungry Monster and Hungry Monster ABC, the middle-grade novel Death by Eggplant, and the teen mystery My Life and Death by Alexandra Canarsie.  

End of commercial plug.

Also: wife, mother, small town resident, word fanatic, em-dash lover, Snood addict, Roman Catholic, parrot companion (without the comma, the companion of a Roman Catholic parrot), beader, reader, New Jerseyan, and high school valedictorian.

I am messier than you would think possible, funnier than my husband admits, and smarter than my hat. Please visit me at my bear-free Web site www.susanheyboerokeefe.com.


4 Responses

  1. I see that you wrote allot of catholic-themed books. Is your Frankenstein sequel suitable reading material for an atheist? As a Frankenstein fan i’m interested but i would be bothered if there is allot of catholic doctrine in the book.

  2. Hey, Susan;

    Trying to reach you. Please give me a call at 973.556.5404. Doesn’t matter how late.



  3. Beautiful site Susan! If you built it yourself I have no trouble believing that you were high school valedictorian.

    And if you didn’t, more people are buying your books than you let on!

    It’s been a long while since we found ourselves at a conference together, but who knows, we could always get lucky.


  4. You are indeed funny! Take it from someone else who is or aims to be. Keep at it, too.

    I do own the Hungry Monsters book. Also funny.

    Take care and keep at those resolutions. Having them is the main thing. Keeping them is less important.


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